MacEarth Group rejuvenates resorts and creates a winter sports culture through sound management of ski resorts, hotels and golf courses



It all began in 1961, in a small mountain cabin tucked deep inside the snowy mountains. It was strictly no frills—there was no electricity, let alone luxury furnishings. On offer was “rustic hospitality” so that visitors from the city could get the best out of their stay in the countryside. The founding spirit remains intact, though our business category has shifted and our clientele has changed from private customers to school groups. Though we have expanded our business to encompass travel and foodservice, at the basis is the same spirit of omotenashi–the Japanese heart of hospitality.

Each and every MacEarth employee knows that “the best thing” is the big smiles we get from our customers in return to the heartfelt hospitality we offer. We all know that the smiles lead to happiness. We believe that small happiness accumulate and bring happiness to the whole society. Hospitality is our business. And we serve our society through hospitality.

Tatsumi Ichinomoto, President and CEO
MacEarth Co. Ltd.