MacEarth Group rejuvenates resorts and creates a winter sports culture through sound management of ski resorts, hotels and golf courses




We operate ski slopes that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced skiers, kids, families and couples, offering a wide range of services for your sporting holiday.


We operate flower parks filled with lilies and blooming Shibazakura, or mountain phlox flowers. We offer mountain vacation activities such as Zip-lining in the forest and fishing in our Fishing Park.


We offer three types of accommodations to suit every purpose: a relaxing vacation at an elegant hotel, a stay in a casual setting, or a hostel that offers outdoor activity programs.


We operate campgrounds and cottages that offer a variety of outdoor activities that include low-key fun like splashing around in the river, fishing in the pristine mountain streams and canoeing-great opportunities to enjoy the great wilderness and open air.


Our golf links are nestled in the great outdoors, offering dynamic courses of unmatched beauty that incorporate the natural mountain terrain. Golfers can enjoy their game out in the open space, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.