MacEarth Group rejuvenates resorts and creates a winter sports culture through sound management of ski resorts, hotels and golf courses



We will create sustainable semi-mountainous regions through our Ski Resorts, Hotels, Golf Courses

Most of the ski resorts in Japan were not developed as commercial enterprise but cropped up spontaneously in snowy mountainous areas. These were regions where there was little work during the winter months, and people would temporarily migrate to the cities to supplement their income.

Then the great skiing boom arrived. The sport became so popular, ski resorts cropped up everywhere, inviting excessive investment. Expensive operating costs, a legacy from those high-spending times are weighing heavy on management.

That is the back story of ski resorts in Japan. But shutting down operations is not the right solution-the area will be stripped of a thriving industry and lead to disintegration.

MacEarth will operate Snow Resorts including Hotels and Golf Courses offering proper, responsible management, and thereby offer local employment and protect the industry, with the objective of creating a sustainable semi-mountainous region.

As a provider of educational activities, we will promote the sound nurturing of children,

MacEarth has developed lodging facilities in ideal locations-ski resorts-that are surrounded by nature, which are utilized by groups for school children and social education, who come to take part in nature experience workshops.

Our facilities are equipped with organizations like our MacEarth Nature School, for teaching and leading outdoor activities, environment education, and adventure education programs. Through such activities, we offer valuable real-life experiences on a daily basis, so that children can learn and grow from them.

We will continue with and further develop our educational activities, and widely promote "the healing power" and "the rejuvenating power" of nature, and the precious human ties that can be nurtured by spending time in nature.

We will serve our society through hospitality We will realize benefits for society through our basic concept of

"Compassion" invites more "compassion." We believe when "hospitality" is offered somewhere, it inevitably benefits our society.

We make it our business to connect with people, face to face, and to offer real human services. It is our imperative mission to be the provider of hospitality.

Hospitality need not be overly formal. We think about our customers, care for our customers, and try to find what will make them happy. It is as simple as that. It is all about local people offering their best to make their guests happy. We will transcend "hospitality" and aim to enhance and add to the local charm.

We will truly regenerate Japan's snow resorts

The snow resort industry in Japan is considered to be a struggling industry. Ski slopes were once bustling with skiers, but the popularity has faded away. The problem lies in the fact that the boom ended without creating a rooted culture.
However, if we turn our eyes outside Japan, snow resorts are enjoying healthy progress, attracting numerous guests.

Japan is the only country in the world that is blessed with rich natural snowfall throughout the winter months. Located in the heart of Asia, which is the world’s most densely located region, our unique snow resorts have the potential to become the center of attraction.

We will boost capital expenditure to prepare for the future, so that we can offer the best of snow resorts when the time comes. We will revive Japan’s snow resorts and create a culture for winter sports-that is our mission, wherein lies the essence of resort regeneration.